International Research Concourse

The International Research Concourse is a new initiative to bring together a multi-faceted group of researchers, both students and faculty, with interests spanning a range of geographic regions and disciplinary perspectives. There seems to be strong support on campus for building cross-disciplinary ties, and providing support through various academic hurdles.

Faculty and graduate students attending a recent brainstorming meeting were interested in using this as a space for learning about logistical aspects of international research (grants, language acquisition, etc.), work-shopping ongoing projects, and engaging with underlying concepts and thematics that transcend geographic and disciplinary boundaries. The concourse will hold meetings each month throughout the Spring 2015.

We look forward to developing a collegial community of international researchers and pooling our collective capabilities and experiences. For more information, please join the Interdisciplinary Development Working Group listserv or check out our Events page.

This initiative is sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Development Working Group and the UC Santa Cruz Blum Center.



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