International Research Panel on May 22, 2015

The International Research Concourse, a collaborative initiative of Interdisciplinary Development Working Group and Blum Center, invites you to an interdisciplinary panel discussion on International Research: Cultivating Connections, Overcoming Obstacles, Equitable Projects, and Suitable Sites on May 22nd 2015 2-3:30PM in the Graduate Student Commons, Fireside Lounge.

Are you a graduate student, post-doc, or faculty member engaged in international or transnational research? Have you ever struggled with practical or logistical challenges of carrying out your work? Would you like to learn from the expertise of mentors or colleagues in related fields and disciplines? If any of the above apply, come participate in our interactive panel discussion on strategies for making the most out of connections, overcoming research obstacles, engaging in equitable research practices, and selecting suitable field sites within the context of international or transnational research projects.

Goals of our panel discussion are two-fold. First, we will provide a space for participants to ask questions and engage in broadening discussions about practical and logistical challenges of designing and carrying out an international research project. Second, we will provide attendees opportunities to develop new networks around shared research goals and themes. We encourage all participants to come prepared with brief questions for our panelists, and to engage in participatory learning environment. Our panel will feature graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members from various departments including anthropology, environmental studies, economics, sociology, and politics.

A light lunch of tamales and beverages will be served. Please join us, and bring a friend!


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