CGD Article Highlights PM David Cameron’s Antipoverty Agenda

Now that the US presidential election is over, this article on the Center for Global Development’s blog encourages us all to think about what a US development policy future may hold. The article is called David Cameron’s Antipoverty Agenda: It’s Post-Gleneagles, Post-2015, and Post-Aid, but is it Post-November 6, and the author’s takeaways after reviewing a recent op-ed by British Prime Minister David Cameron are:

1) The UK is explicitly rebalancing what can be done now to improve welfare and what can be built over the long term., 2) The UK recognizes that it needs to find new ways of leveraging aid to encourage institutional change, and 3) And, in music to CGD ears, Cameron also highlights what we can do constructively in our own capitals that has nothing to do with an aid program.

Do you think US development policy will employ a similar vision over the next four years?

Above Photo: Pete Souza White House Photographer on Wikimedia Commons


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